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Since the big explosion which released a massive quantity of Nanites, infecting almost every living thing, planet Earth has become very insecure place for the leaving. But the willingness to improve the situation on the planet has never been stronger, and to do that the force against evil has launched their secret weapon – him! He is cool; he is powerful and very stubborn. His name is Rex and he is ready to use massive machines to stop the evil.

Get ready to play the coolest Generator Rex games online! Join the fight against the E.V.O.s and contribute to the investigation of strange mutation made by Nanites. Smash ugly E.V.O. with the Rex’s big Smackhands or slice them with the Rex’s powerful BFS sword. Van Kleiss, Biowolf and others don’t have a chance against you in our addicting Generator Rex games. Transform Rex’s body parts into mighty machine weapons and get ready for the battle against deformed monsters and unspeakable evil.

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Generator Rex Games

It is you against the leader of The Pack! Generator Rex must defeat Biowolf so he can become master of all nanites. Sinc...
Rex is in Abysus - the Van Kleiss’ home and he must defeat as many E.V.O.s as possible until Agent Six brings Providen...
It is time to Dress Up your favorite hero! You can change his close, his hair style, even his glasses. Made your own cus...

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