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Adapting Superman and Popular Fictional Characters to the World of Online Slots

For almost as long as they've been around, fictional characters that gained popularity through radio shows, the pulps, movies, comics and television have been licensed to all number of other platforms. Take Superman, for example, here's a character who leaped from the pages of his comic book origins to  appear in his own radio show, followed by the first of many TV shows and ultimately even made the  jump to celluloid with the 1978 classic Christopher-Reeve starring Superman: The Movie. Along the  way, he's also shown up in novels, as numerous action figures, in novels, on kids' (and later adult)  clothes and, of course, in thousands more comics.

Superman: Last Son of Krypton Slot game
Superman: Last Son of Krypton Slot game
And, of course, he's shown up in many, may different games over the year. Toys and board games started things off but the Man of Steel has been the star attraction of many arcade, video and computer  games over the years. Why, then, shouldn't Superman – or any other popular fictional icon – show up  in too?

Now, admittedly, there is perhaps one obvious reason why Superman might not be the best fit for gambling games what with the character being initially targeted very much towards young fans and, if  fact, was created by a couple of teenagers, This  is not exactly the sort of thing that should fit with games that are not only aimed at adults but restricted  to only those over the age of 18. 

This does, however, overlook two essential facts: 1) the scope of Superman fandom is way wider and more eclectic than anyone could have imagined when he first appeared in 1938 and 2) there are already  plenty of Superman-themed slots and casino games out there – though, admittedly, the second point is  more of an outgrowth of the first. Just take a look at to see just how varied an audience Superman has.  Superman-based slots work on the premise that Superman's iconography is a designers dream with  each Superman slot game featuring sounds, music, visuals, symbols and mini games that draw from  Superman's rich mythology. From the instantly recognizable S-symbol to Lex Luthor to Kryptonite, the  Big Blue Boy is as good a fit for slots as he is for all the other millions of items of  merchandise that he's appeared on.

The other point of making Superman-based slot games, rather than just is that there's something to be said for tapping into the childlike wonder of adults who are engaged with your very much adult game. And, of course, what with Superman being a very real symbol for hope and optimism, injecting that into a game that runs on  exactly that, is probably not a bad idea either. 

So, yes, slot machine games based on Superman is nowhere near the obvious mix of something like casino games with the Godfather but that doesn't mean it doesn't work really, really well, nonetheless.