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Fantastic Four Games

Be a member of one very strange fellowship, where everyone has the ability to do something very unusual and powerful. Fight against Silver Surfer who is causing weather irregularities or try to stop Doctor Doom to do something bad again. You will play the best selected Fantastic Four games that can be found on the Web. Be strong as a rock and try to smash every evil enemy that you can reach or fly around like fiery ball and have control over the fire like The Human Torch. If you prefer to be smart and know everything then Mister Fantastic will be perfect for you. But being the Invisible Woman has also great advantages. There’s everything for everyone, just choose your favorite game and enjoy!  

Fantastic 4 Rush Crush
Fantastic 4 Rush Crush - Doctor Doom did it again, he tricked Mister Fantastic, Susan Storm and Johnny the human torch and they are captured now....
Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Rise Of The Silver Surfer - In the lab, the group discovers that a strange abnormality has somehow caused damaging weather irregularities. And now t...
Mechanized Maelstrom
Mechanized Maelstrom - Mechanized Maelstrom is a tough mission where the best combination of the heroes' abilities lead the team to victory. Ch...