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Generator Rex Powers

In order to fight against E.V.O.s, Generator Rex transform his body part into big machine or guns and therefore to become a deadly weapon. For example: If he needs to throw down with some big ugly E.V.O.s, he can build gigantic fists or turn his arm into a projectile launcher. Or, if he needs to get somewhere in a hurry, he can build a lightning-fast motorcycle or a flying jetpack. Generator Rex has a wide selection of options that he can use in certain situations which makes him very adaptable and flexible. You will find out that it is really fun when you have so much powers which you can use if you play Generator Rex games. To get to know Generator Rex better, it is good to know what he can do:


Generator Rex's sword

The BFS – is a huge sword which can cut everything in its way. With that sword, he can go through hard wall of junk like a hot knife through butter. Upgrade of that weapon is chainsaw, which will also cut into two pieces everything that is staying on its way. Chainsaw can also be used to grind something, or to get through dense vegetation. Both, sword and chainsaw are good and represents one of the primary weapons!
Slam Cannon – the massive projectile launcher. It is perfect when Generator Rex needs some real firepower. For the ammo Slam Cannon can use almost everything: just grab a hunk of rock, metal or whatever and send it flying. Despite the fact that Slam Cannon is flexible because it can use any kind of ammo, it can be used also if Rex wants to jump high, just turn cannon to ground and fire. Fired ammunition will raise him up high in the air. slam cannon

Generator Rex's Big Gun

Boogie Pack

Generator Rex's Wings

Boogie Pack – the massive flying wings with the huge jet engines. Purpose: when Generator Rex wants to boogie out of a place, or he just need some extra mobility, this high-flying jetpack does the job. Also this flying machine can be used to bring down the bad guy, because Generator Rex can launch the twin turbines at them like a super-sized bola. Because there's also some flying E.V.O.s this high-flying jetpack is good to prosecute and catch them in the air!
Smackhands – giant robotic arms which are great to smash something or for getting up close and personal. Also they can lift some heavy stuff or spin like super-charged drills. Smack hands are good for the fight, but also it can be useful if Rex want to climb somewhere. But usually those massive iron hands are using to beat ugly E.V.O.s and can sometimes resemble on the real boxing match. And also, I would not really shake hands with him!! Smackhands

Generator Rex's massive hands

Punk Busters

Generator Rex's cool shoes

Punk Busters – huge mechanical boots which are suitable for any occasion. If a freight train could do roundhouse kicks, that’s what getting hit with these would feel like. Good things with these are that Generator Rex can walk miles and not be tired, and he can jump high to reach the roof of a 5-storey building. Also huge spines on the sole of Rex's boots can be useful to climb anywhere he wants. Their special use can be found in our cool Generator Rex games!
The Rex Ride – a nice motorcycle with which he can cruise anywhere. The main purpose of it is to travel to high distance places, or to run away from something. It’s lightning-fast and can turn on a dime, but it also brings pain with retractable battering ram that can smash through anything. Although this kind of transportation don't have wheels and therefore do not represent classic way of motorcycle, it can be ride on all kind of ground that exists, and that is better then classic! Rex Ride

Generator Rex's bike