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Generator Rex's Friends

The main assistance that Generator Rex is receiving in the fight against evil E.V.O.s is from his friends, especially from colleagues from the Providence. Since Generator Rex’s young life is reduced to the battle against enemies, his colleagues from the agency "Providence" are generally the only friends that he have. Like in series, Generator Rex also relies on his friends in online Generator Rex games, so let's find who they are:

Agent Six katanas

Agent Six

Agent Six - mostly spending time with Generator Rex in the fight against E.V.O.s and in resolving cases. Agent Six is experienced senior agent of Providence and he is Generator Rex’s operator. He is always in green suit with a black tie and black sunglasses which leads to the opinion that he is very obstinate and that he always follows the rules. His strict by-the-book personality classifies it in that kind of agents where if you can’t cure something eliminates it immediately. Abilities of Agent Six are more then impressive: he knows several forms of martial arts, has amazing reflexes, and his main weapon is pair of fold-up katanas that can slice through most materials with ease. These katanas can also be used as a powerful magnet when joined together, forming a shape similar to a tuning fork.
Dr. Holiday – as a lead scientist for Providence, she is the only one who sees Rex as more than a machine. Her attitude is totally opposite then Agent Six’s point of view on the job and Generator Rex. She is much more in-tune with her emotions where she repeatedly tries to convince Six to try to relate to Rex, as she understands what he is going through with his amnesia and with the pressure which Providence places upon him. Usually Dr. Holiday is seen wearing a lab coat, and she is mostly in the Providence lab trying to figure out the big issues that Agent Six and Generator Rex bring to her. Dr. Holiday

Dr. Holiday

Bobo Haha

Bobo Haha

Bobo Haha – he is E.V.O. talking chimp and Rex’s main companion – sidekick. He wears an eye patch and fez. He mostly follows Agent Six and Generator Rex in the battle but does not contribute any good or bad in that fight. His position is mostly neutral, and he always takes a position to comment current situation. Although his contribution is not so big he bears a pair of laser pistols and he is ready to use them to defend himself or others as well. Before the Nanite Event, he was a therapy chimpanzee trained to entertain children at hospital.
Noah – he is a normal blond-haired human who wars a green jacket with a chocolate shirt and grey pants with black shoes. He is recruited as an undercover agent under White Knight’s commend and he was assigned to be Rex’s best friend but as a part of his mission, to monitor and control Rex’s mind. His main ability is kick-boxing and he will fight side by side with Rex if he must to.. Noah


White Knight

White Knight

White Knight – he is the last nanite-free human on the Earth and also he is a leader of Providence. But it wasn’t like that before: he was trapped in a molecular dissection chamber during Providence’s early days and Rex saved him before he was completely vaporized. Vaporization didn’t kill him. Quite the contrary, it has cleaned him completely from nanites and that’s how he finished as the last nanite-free human. Now he is isolated in a nanite-free clean room and in a high tech hazmat suit, and from there he is controlling Providence. He is determined to stop the E.V.O. and will go to any lengths necessary to accomplish this goal, including destroying entire cities.
Captain Callan – officer in Providence, he is highly loyal to White Knight. When it looks like Rex cannot accomplish a mission, Captain Callan is often tasked by Big Boss then to implement last-resort contingency plan. However, unlike White Knight, he has a good working relationship with Rex and Six. His main assignment is to lead high priority missions of big importance that do not involve E.O.V.s. Captain Callan

Captain Callan

Kenwyin Jones - a Providence agent who first appeared as a Providence cadet in the academy. In order to pay her debt to the agency, because Providence saved her family, she wanted to join the fight against those who tried to destroy her life. Later she appears as a graduated lieutenant from the academy. She was Rex’s partner some time, because White Knight partnered her up with Rex to investigate a party organized by a group of E.V.O.s.