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Generator Rex Games

If you are reading this, then we assure you that you are in the right place, because you can find here the greatest collection of Generator Rex Games in one place. If you want to jump to Abysus and fight against ugly E.V.O.s then we have the right game for you. Or if you want to try playing against Biowolf then get well prepared, because it will not be easy! Get ready because Van Kleiss has a new evil plan, where you will need help from your friends Agent Six, Dr. Holiday and Bobo Haha. Find your favorite game and try it immediately out!! Our Generator Rex Games are free to play and you can play them anytime and anywhere. Prepare your tremendous machine weapon and show E.V.O.s who the number one is!  

Rex Rider
Rex Rider - When Providence is in trouble, they know they can count on you, Rex Salazer, to help them out. Five E.V.O.s, people who ...
Hat's Off Challenge
Hat's Off Challenge - Christmas time is near and everybody are waiting for Santa. But Santa can’t come, because he has lost his hat. The San...
Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United
Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United - This is the most exciting moment, Ben 10 and Generator Rex have united their powers against general E.V.O.-s. Play with ...
EVO Showdown
EVO Showdown - This time is EVO-Showdown time, so prepare your primary weapons: Smack Hands, Slam Cannon, B.F.S and choose destination ...
Nanite Runner
Nanite Runner - Run Rex, run... This time Generator Rex is in a hurry to help other agents of Providence. You must help Generator Rex to...
Providence Defender
Providence Defender - This time Generator Rex has a very difficult mission, he must rescue all agents of Providence. Namely, there was a stra...
Enemy Alliance
Enemy Alliance - Once again you must help your favorite hero, because Generator Rex is trapped in the desert and he is losing nanites rap...
Project Exonaut
Project Exonaut - This game offers you to be one of the great characters from the Generator Rex world. Choose to be Generator Rex, Biowulf...
Titanic Kungfubot Offensive
Titanic Kungfubot Offensive - Choose one of your favorite heroes and get ready for the personal fight against your opponent. Try to defeat your oppone...
Generator Rex Racing
Generator Rex Racing - This is Generator Rex racing game where Rex must reach the finish line as soon as possible or otherwise he will not go t...
Generator Rex Dress Up
Generator Rex Dress Up - It is time to Dress Up your favorite hero! You can change his close, his hair style, even his glasses. Made your own cus...
Generator Rex Nanite Master
Generator Rex Nanite Master - It is you against the leader of The Pack! Generator Rex must defeat Biowolf so he can become master of all nanites. Sinc...
Generator Rex Abysus Arena
Generator Rex Abysus Arena - Rex is in Abysus - the Van Kleiss’ home and he must defeat as many E.V.O.s as possible until Agent Six brings Providen...

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