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Who is Generator Rex?

Before you find out who is Generator Rex, you must know what are E.V.O.s and Nanites. Nanites are the microscopic machines that can turn ordinary living things into mutant monsters. E.V.O.s are organisms with the intracellular-nanites activation. Nanites randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an Exponentially Variegated Organism (E.V.O.s). Most E.V.O.s knows only for destruction, because Nanites take their brains and turn them into mindless creatures. Look of the Nanites.

This is how Nanites looks like

There are deferent types of E.V.O.s: Human E.V.O.s, Animal E.V.O.s, Plant E.V.O.s, Virus E.V.O.s, Arthropod E.V.O.s and much more. You can see that almost every living thing can be turned into E.V.O.s, they just need to be infected by nanites. But, E.V.O.s as a poising threat to human survival mostly can be cured and for our hero, Generator Rex is responsible for that.

Generator Rex vs EVO

Generator Rex in the action with his sword

Who is Generator Rex? He’s pretty much an average teenager with the amazing ability to grow various weapons and machines out of his body. Yes, he is E.V.O. too, but is not mentioned that there’s E.V.O.s which retained their minds and they can use their abilities however they see fit. Choice of young 15-year boy Rex is to fight against evil enemies and help creatures which are infected with the nanites. He is employed as a secret weapon to “Providence”, an organization dedicated to protecting the world from rampaging E.V.O.s. You will get to know him better if you play the best Generator Rex games here.

But how Rex has become an E.V.O? To get answer to that question we must go back, long before the “Nanite Event”. Rex as a little boy, nameless in that time, was critically injured from a mysterious accident. In order to save his life, Dr. Rylander as a chief of the science team who was responsible for Nanite Event has inject first batch of completed nanites into that little boy. Dr. Rylander named that little boy Rex. Nanites worked as planned; they saved the boy’s life, but later, as it will turn out, those nanites brought the boy “unexpected side-effects”. Little Rex started to communicate with other forms of technology and mutations and that spared both his and his brother’s life during the Nanite Event.

Growing up, Rex is transformed into a giant bio-mechanical form with the abilities to convert his body parts into big machines and weapons, which you will have opportunity to test them in our Generator Rex games. Rex was sent to Mexico on a rampage along with a group of solders, including agent Six, to confront the menace. Later, Six discovered Rex, who was then reverted to his human form. After agent Six learned that Rex had lost all of his memories of the events prior to a few months ago, he felt sympathy for him and took Rex back to Providence as a permanent employee now.

With his self-confident, impulsive and rebellious personality towards the authority that surrounds him, Rex managed to fight against E.V.O.s and to accomplish Providence’s missions and to have awesome fun as a young boy who is full of life at the same time.

Generator Rex understand machines

Generator Rex understands how machine works